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Investment Research Radio

Jan 2, 2019

Ross Orr is interviewed explaining the technology of BacTech environmental (BAC on the CSE) which is a bio leaching and green mining company. BacTech is focused on building facilities where there is both significant economic and environmental benefit at historical mines and also artisnal solutions.

Key Points:

- Share price trading at a low between .02 and .03

- Environmental company that gets paid in metals. i.e. gold, silver, copper, tin.

- Owns proprietary bacterial oxidation technology that liberates precious and base metals from difficult-to-treat sulphide ores and concentrates.

- Bacterial oxidation is a safe and environmentally-friendly process. (Bioleaching)

- Advantage of improving metal recovery at significantly lower capital and operating costs when compared to traditional treatment methods of smelting, roasting and pressure oxidation.

- Only company in the world that has commercially-proven bioleaching technology for gold and for base metal separation.

- BacTech has designed, constructed and commissioned 3 commercial plants.

- Focused on tailings of past mines which contain significant amounts of high grade recoverable metals.

- Targeting multiple sources of revenue. 1 - Removing acid and arsenic in tailings while keeping the recovered metals to sell. 2 - Non-toxic mercury alternatives for artisnal miners.

- Can eliminate up to 99% of toxins in tailings.

- Will be producing "green gold"

- Aiming to put one processing plant into production per year.

- Currently Focused on Central and South American Countries with two projects in motion in Bolivia and Equador.