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Investment Research Radio

Jan 9, 2019

Here is a recent company that I discovered just a few months ago and is still fairly fresh on the markets (Since April 2018). I see a lot of upside potential on Wonderfilm as it has strong management with a highly productive and profitable history, many assets and steady acquisitions, very forward thinking with modern marketing strategies and high management ownership.


FRA: Y25

- WONDERFILM asserts its growing position as one of North America’s leading movie producers

- CEO Kirk Shaw has produced over 230 films and seven TV series and also has public market experience.

- Kirk created Canada’s largest production company, Insight Film Studios, which in 2007 and 08 did $100 million consolidated revenue each year.

- To spark Wonderfilm’s production acquisitions and library exploitation, Kirk vended 46 completed movies into Wonderfilm

- $90 million of total production budgets, now $120 million USD as of Jan 8th 2019

Here are a few of features in post-production:

• “Primal”, starring Nicolas Cage for Lionsgate,
• “Moose”, starring John Travolta for Amazon Prime & AMBI,
• “Disturbing the Peace”, starring Guy Pearce for Entertainment One

WONDERFILM is developing a new television series with the creator of
“CSI” and the largest and most successful “mini-major film studio”,
Lionsgate, based off of the best selling book, “Merchant of Death”

- WONDERFILM excels at packaging its productions by pre-selling its films mitigating risk and creating predictable revenues

- $100-$200 Million production slate for 2019

- “The Founders of WONDERFILM have historically created over $1 Billion in
combined media production revenue”

- Established relationships with many “A List” Hollywood celebrities

- High management ownership of 60%

- Global media and entertainment market is expected to grow from $1.9 trillion in 2017 to $2.4 trillion in 2022 at a CAGR of 4.4 percent

- Developing in-house global distribution network to keep profits in house

- Strategic acquisitions in cutting edge marketing with Grapevine

- Further acquisition plans with eSports targets

- Dr. Bruno Wu Chinese media entrepreneur and billionaire to join Wonderfilm as director