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Investment Research Radio

Mar 6, 2019

 We are fortunate to have three A.I. fund experts on this episode of IRR with Ben Lee Director of Canada, the founder Henrik Von Scheel and also the German director Nils Junge.

In the days a head the Epoque Plus fund will be available to qualified investors in Canada such as Accredited Investors, Institutions, Funds, Banks, and Family Offices. 

This technology operates in Europe for sophisticated investors via a Forex trading service which is automated in client's trading accounts. This method is not available or allowed in Canada so a fund has been created to allow investors to capture the same AI strategy but through a special fund, and not by trading accounts.

The strategy for the investment fund will give qualified individuals and institutions their first access to the Époque Plus Artificial Intelligence Trading system designed by German engineers. 

A fully autonomous trading system, from market analysis to opening and closing trades electronically in milliseconds. 

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results – but an indication of how reliable and risk responsive the AI trading service operates. Over the past years, the AI trading service has delivered an average monthly return of 1.55% in a highly volatile market. net of fees

Époque's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trading Services generates returns from margin based products via leading Brokers. AI trading is not a trading algorithmic strategy, but a fully automated AI trading Software as a Service that manages the entire trading workflow in real-time across various symbols. The appropriate symbols are selected dynamically and segregated in large, small, and micro intervals.

This is a very interesting fund because it will bring uncorrelated returns and true diversification to most portfolios.

You can find more on the background of the founder Henrik Von Scheel at

For inquiries you can contact Benjamin Lee at


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